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Core Values:

  1. Keep It Real: Authenticity is what we are all about. Jesus sees us as who we really are, we can't hide anything from Him.
    At Foundation we seek to establish authenticity and realness.


  2. Connect: Connecting with others is super important. Community is something we believe God intended from the very beginning.
    At Foundation we seek to establish a place for students to connect with others.


  3. Grow: Growth is what our hearts desire. As we remain in Jesus He will remain in us. At Foundation we seek to establish opportunities to grow through teachings, small groups, and so much more.


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to equip and encourage students in their walk with Jesus. 


Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to share the Gospel with students. Sharing the Good News brings opportunity for new life, for this generation and all to come after. Jesus changes everything.

Foundation is geared for students in grades 6-12. We have tons of awesome things planned each and every month. Youth Group, for example,
is on Sunday nights - 5:30-8pm. See the calendar below for dates, times and more info or Monthly Events.

Pastor Tyler Puharic
Assistant Pastor

Living the Call Together!
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